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Job Opportunities for year 2011 camps:  
*SoccerPlus Camps presented by Tony DiCicco is always looking for new staff:

Persons Looking for 2011 Camp Jobs (click on name for details):

Gerardo Lopez 19, Male 5/22/2008
Kirk Game 41, Male, UEFA A Licence, FA Tutor, Gym Instructor and Nutritionist 6/5/2008
Anthony Lezaja 18/M 6/12/2008
Joanne Letremy female, 23 yr old living in england - 1st 4 sport level 1 in coaching 8/14/2008
Rashadinho Salu im a boy of 17yrs very male i have alot of certificate awards 8/18/2008
Sulayman Nyang soccersaul 26, male, soccer player for my entier life 12/30/2008
Justin Fetterman 23, male, Alabama, 12 plus years experience 1/28/2009
Henry Cesaire 21 year old male 2/15/2009
Blair Baumann Female, 27 yrs,, Credentialed P.E. Teacher 2/24/2009
Simphiwe Ronald Gcwensa 25,Male,Currently a youth soccer coach in South Africa, 3/1/2009
Thomas Pickering 20, Male 3/19/2009
Nicholas Hindmarsh age: 48, male, England certified qualified coach. 3/29/2009
Andrew Newman 19, Male 3/30/2009
Andrea Friedman 21 years old, Female, college student 4/1/2009
Carey Cortese Age 21, Female, College Junior 4/20/2009
David Stuart 27, Male, FA Coaching Certs, Now living in US. 4/29/2009
emregulsen male24 5/8/2009
Kirk Game 42, Male, UEFA A Licence, FA Tutor, Gym Instructor and Nutritionist 6/25/2009
Noe Anguiano noe 23, male 7/8/2009
James Daniels 20 y.o. male with (UK) FA level 1 licence. 10/25/2009
Dean Marks UEFA C licence(Level Two Licence) obtained through the English FA 9/12/2011
Ishmael Esson 17 years,male. Secondary school team player(MIDFIELDER) 1/16/2012
Michael Williams male, 19, committed D3 incoming freshman, 4/17/2012
peter hulme male 53 6/10/2012

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