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To help you get a job at a soccer camp, use this form to show your qualifications to camp directors who visit this site. We do not get you a job. In the Spring, however, we notify camps to visit our site and the "Jobs Wanted" page. 

NOTE: Posting your qualifications here is only a start. Also contact the camps directly. When writing, please use correct spelling. When filling out this form, avoid using the "ENTER" key to break a line of text--just continue writing until the space is filled up. Use the "tab" key to go to next box. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct. These pages are posted on the Web, so please consider using yahoo, hotmail, or other filtered email service to avoid spammers. Good luck! 


Spell !net! backwards with the exclamation marks. Hint: It's the number 10.

E-mail Address or Contact:

Main Qualifying Information
(such as, age, gender, licenses, certificates, etc.) to show in postings index

Detailed Qualifications:
(such as playing and coaching experience, teams, clubs, schools attended)

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